Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Great Harry Potter Reread

It's been quite some time since I posted anything. My complete apologies (especially since I just finished 4 books). So while I type up those four reviews, I thought I would take the time to tell you about my next personal challenge, the Great Harry Potter reread. I am sure many others are undertaking this feat before the release of part one of the seventh movie this November, and I was inspired to start mine now, at the end of summer.

Before Harry Potter finished, every summer I would reread the whole series. When it was only 4 books this wasn't a big deal (I distinctly remember one summer reading 1 - 4 then 4 - 1 a few weeks later) but as more started to pile on (and the page count increased), I stopped doing it. I have only read books 6 and 7 one time each.

In any case, the great Harry Potter reread is inspired by Mark Reads Harry Potter. The emotions he is conveying through his first go round are ones that strike cords of nostalgia. His reviews are awesome and poignant and I recommend if you have time, checking him out.

So onward in my quest! I am stoked to relive the magic of growing up with Harry. :)

Fun Fact: I made that icon somewhere back in 2005 (at the earliest).


  1. Yay! This is wonderful. I started this back in August and rereading this series has been the most addicting thing I've done in a looong time (currently reading the 6th book). I feel sad that the series (and the challenge) is coming to a close.

    Mind if I link you in my reviews? :)

  2. By all means, link away.

    Rereading this series (first through Mark, now through myself) has brought back some great memories and the fandom spirit that I haven't felt since the seventh book. Which is perfect. Just what I need for HP 7 Part one to hit theatres!

  3. Perfect. :) I'm going to link to Mark as well.


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