Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Name Game: Book B

A. For the first half of the task, read any book you like of at least 100 pages.
B. For the second half of the task read another book (of at least 100 pages) whose author’s first or last name, is the same as the last name of the author of the book you read for the first half of the task.
For Book A I read Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey. Thus for book B, I chose a romance novel by Johanna Lindsey.

Book Title/Author: Angel by Johanna Lindsey
Publisher/Year Published:
1992 by Avon
Where I got it: I read it during my early romance novel days and I picked up a copy at the library book sale.
Rating: 3/5 stars

First of all, I must address this inlet. When I read it the first time, my cover was a nice picture of a house. There was not suggestive inlet either, disappointed to 14 year old me. But the book I got from the booksale is not a nice house cover, but instead has this on the inside.

I almost spit my drink when I saw this. Not only does it have 1) the exposed women shoulder 2)FABIO and 3)scenic back drop BUT A PANTHER! A black panther looks like it was photoshopped in to add some sort of tie with the story because it is in the story believe it or not, even though it is set in the wild west. I don't understand how people could have thought Fabio was the best thing on romance novels since sliced bread. All he does is make me laugh.

Anyway the book. This is one of the few western romances I have read. Angel is a hired gunslinger forced to help Cassie, a meddling woman, to pay off a debt he owes. Hijinks ensue. Now the plot is sort of lack luster, but not as bad some some romance novels I have read. What really carries this story is the characterization. They act consistently and I can clearly see their motivations for doing what they are doing. Everything makes total sense to me, even in the ridiculous world of the romance west.

If you like cowboys, love and good characterization, pick this up. Don't be discouraged by the bad inlet. At least its not on the cover.

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