Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Status: 4/22/12

Books I Finished This Past Week
Paris In Love by Eloisa James
Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long

Books I am Currently Reading
Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Books To Be Read Next
Since the Surrender by Julie Anne Long
Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Last week in reviews
Paris In Love by Eloisa James
Book vs Movie: The Hunger Games

At The Broke and the Bookish
The 7-Minute Back Pain Solution by Dr. Gerard Girasole, Cara Hartman

Things to look forward to
Top Ten Tuesday this week is about Top Ten All Time Favorite Book Characters

Welcome any new followers who stopped by from the blog hop! That No Strings Attached Giveaway has one day more, so enter while you still can if you have not yet!

Cool Posts from Around the Net
Remember when I mentioned a new book centric store, GoneReading? Well they have some really cool new merchindise (like this book journal or these cute as all getout reading family car window decals).

They also have a SWEET Mother's Day giveaway going on highlighting more cool products for readers as well as giveing away $100 to the store PLUS $25 to Amazon. I entered. :)

Debbie at A Library of Our Own has a great new feature called Bookishly Beautiful. It features bookish artistic pieces. Some of the art on this first one is outstanding.

Reading Romances had an interesting question posed to the blogging world of readers and authors alike last week regarding author etiquette and reviews. There is a linky with many blogs and their vvarieng opinions on the matter of authors and reviews. Check it out if you are interested in the topic, which earlier this year and in the past has caused a major stink.

So yesteday I spent most of my day on FictFact. FictFact is a fun new tool I've heard about to track the series that you are reading. You add a series and they keep track of what is the next book and if there are new ones coming out. I am still new to it (and I did notice some things amiss with their data), but getting an email when the next Maiden Lane book comes out? Awesome.

If you are curious, here are the series I am following :)

Let me know any feedback. Also if you have some cool links, comment with them! Until next Sunday, have a great week!


  1. FictFact is really cool!! I already know I'm going to spend a LOT of time there... :)

    1. Yeah I think so too! You can tell its a new site, but I really think it will be helpful in managing my series!


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