Monday, June 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR List

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Over at The Broke and the Bookish (where I also review things), we like to do this thing called Top Ten Tuesday. Every week is a theme, and everyone gets to create a list.

This week, the topic is....

Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR List
For me, this means books published between June 21st through September 21st, technical summer :)

1. Thief of Shadows (Maiden Lane, #4) - Elizabeth Hoyt
Fourth book in the Maiden Lane series (which I love), I will be jumping over people to get to this book. I think this book holds the most giveaways I entered to win a ARC. Can't. Wait.

2. A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis (The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard, #2) - Jillian Stone
Ever since I saw Hysteria* this weekend, I have been thinking about the first book in The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series. Little did I realize this book was right around the corner! Now I have more fun history facts and non-conventional historical romances to look forward to.

3. The Ugly Duchess (Fairy Tales, #4) - Eloisa James
James is one of my auto read authors. Her Fairy Tales series, a loosely connected series only being a series because they are all based on fairy tales, have been hit or miss for me. This one is based on the Ugly Duckling.

4. The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister, #1) - Courtney Milan
I've been reading a lot of Courtney Milan lately and reviewing it on here a lot, too. She is a really good author technically, but sometimes I just get annoyed so much with one little thing... BUT I liked the novella that was the precursor to this series. So book one is a definite try.

5. Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) - Sarah J. Maas
This book one me over at this sentence in the Goodreads description: "Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin." A girl/woman being a badass? yes please.

6. The Unnaturalists - Tiffany Trent
Yay! Some new steampunk to read! I love that this one seems to have an aura of mystery around it. Definitely something worth looking in to.

7. Riveted (Iron Seas #3) - Meljean Brook
though I have not yet read the second in this series, I really liked the first. Knowing that the third is out makes me want to keep reading!

8. Medusa, A Love Story (Loves of Olympus, #1) - Sasha Summers (Goodreads Author)
So I only had 7 written on here and I thought I could find some list on Goodreads that would help flesh me out to 10. Well, I didn't find 10, but I did find this. I love mythology and this series sounds so promising.

9. ???

10. ???

So I bet ya'll have your lists filled, but I don't. Help me fill in 9 and 10!

*Hysteria is a GREAT movie. It's a British comedy about, among other things, the TRUE history of the vibrating massager. Check it out if it is near you!


  1. Yes! Throne of Glass was awesome even when it was the not-so-much-edited version on Fictionpress, i can only imagine how amazing it will be now! :)
    And I'm really hoping I'll like the Ugly Duchess better than The Duke Is Mine...

    1. I'm hoping it's more toward the When Beauty Tamed the Beast side of the spectrum :)

      Throne of Glass sounds really interesting! I cant wait to read it.

  2. I am so pumped for Throne Of Glass, I love the concept and the way it was described to me by a friend has me all but jumping out of my seat.

    I am looking forward to The Ugly Duchess as well. I actually really liked The Duke Is Mine, so yeah.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Re Duke is Mine: I didn't dislike it, per say. I was just sad it was not When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I think I gave The Duke is Mine 3/5 stars. And I did lol a bit :)

      I'm glad Throne of Glass seems like it is going to be good :)

  3. You know, I have never read Eloisa James but those books sound like they would be right up my alley! Medusa, A Love Story also sounds pretty good and I have Throne of Glass on my list as well!

    1. Eloisa James won me over with her Desperate Duchess series (that starts with the book of the same name). If you want a good stand alone, When Beauty Tamed the Beast is awesome.

      In fact, I think I should reread that book...

  4. Great list of books and you make them sound wonderful. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! I hope that they all live up to how I made them sound :)

  5. Throne of Glass is I love Eloisa James - I've only read 1 of the Fairy Tales series, but plan on reading the others too.

    Tanya Patrice


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